Kalaivanar & T A Mathuram

N S Krishnan and T A Mathuram

Without Kalaivanar, Mathuram would have been unmanifest and without Mathuram, Kalaivanar would have been incomplete.
N S Krishnan and T A Mathuram remained a pair unparalleled in real life and reel life. Out of the 122 films acted by them, they have paired in 118 films where they have given a new tone and flavor to comedy, injecting constructive criticism, incorporating women's issues and introducing futuristic vision.

They yearned to make society learn new ideas and what they earned went back to society. Mathuram was the ideal wife who fell in love with her husband's priciples and ideals - the soul mate who did as was told and thought as was wished by NS Krishnan. Yet, she was an independent woman, which was Krishnan's cherished wish too.

She was bold, beautiful, warm, active, endowed with a fantastic memory and was a captivating singer. Recognizing her artistic inclination Tamil Sangam at Villupuram honored her with the title 'Sentamizh Virali'.

She, along with Krishnan equally enjoyed entertaining guests, artistes and friends. The only word to describe their office in Mamballam or their home in Royepettah is HOUSEFUL.

When Krishnan was accused, in the Lakshmikanthan murder case it was Mathuram who left no stone unturned, even selling all their properties to win the case in the Privy council in London. It is because of this herculean effort that Krishnan walked out of the jail an innocent man.

In 1948 she was blessed with a girl baby Kalaiselvi. But the joy was short lived as the baby died in a few months. As she was childless after that, she was instrumental in getting her sister Vembu married to Krishnan. The children borne by them were a great source of happiness to her. And she brought them up as her own children.

She never swerved from the role of an ideal wife but brought dignity to womanhood with her skills and independent thinking. She played a significant role when characters were created or song written for movies.

Kalaivanar and Mathuram with late Kalaiselvi

The Krishnan - Mathuram pair enjoyed an intimacy between themselves and with the
audience. She died on May 23rd, 1974.

She was a great woman of substance, whose memory will never fade away.

Would Krishnan have written the famous song 'Nalla penn mani...' having Mathuram on his mind?

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