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Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. There is not the slightest shadow of doubt in proclaiming the greatness of N. S. Krishnan. His meteoric rise from a humble orgin was the consequence of his persistent perseverance of his dreams.

The shackles of unfavorable circumstances and denied opportunities became causes and motivation for the pursuit of his ideals. He created opportunities where there was none, his zest for realizing his dream knew no rest. A man strong enough, not to be cowed down by circumstances, was soft-hearted towards the masses. Arignar Anna aptly summarized “…in this artiste, there was a humanity pulsating in all its pristine glory.”

NSK directing N S Krishnan & T A Mathuram NSK relaxing in Nilgiri

The artiste in NSK the man, craved not for recognition or an end in itself, but that his voice can be carried to the masses. He longed to free society from its chains - his weapons being none other than soul-stirring humour. He not only made man laugh at himself loudly and thoroughly, but review his action at home and in society. The audience were not only amused, but enthused by his novelty and actions. His humour touched upon not only innumerable social issues such as women’s liberation, superstition etc, but also common mundane problems faced by men in day-to-day life. The pills of criticism sweetened by creative humor is what makes him unique

He despised men’s ways, but not men. He dreamed of a utopia and took upon himself the Herculean task of restructuring society, through entertainment.

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